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11 reasons to move to Brooklyn NY

11 reasons to move to Brooklyn NY

Moving to Brooklyn can be a very exciting part of your life – as everyone really loves Brooklyn, and reasonably so. This huge borough has so much to offer, even more than you could possibly imagine. Finding a place in Brooklyn that ticks all of the boxes can definitely be a tough time – but it is always worth it. Brooklyn has everything you could possibly need for high quality of life, and by moving here, you will quickly see this for yourself. Below you will find some of our top reasons to make the move and let Brooklyn welcome you with open arms.

Job opportunities

Brooklyn is packed with young professionals and ambitious individuals looking to make a name for themselves in the big city. With reasonable real estate costs in Brooklyn and job opportunities galore, you won’t have trouble finding a job here as a lot of up and coming firms are popping up around Brooklyn regularly.

Stressful people waiting for the job interview

Relatively affordable

If you want to have easy access to anywhere you need to be and have everything you could possibly need for a convenient lifestyle – Brooklyn is calling your name. Compared to other NYC neighborhoods, Brooklyn is where you will get the most for your money. You will also find any kind of living space you could possibly look for – from studio apartments to large family homes.

A lot of green space

Unlike New York City, Brooklyn has quite a lot of outdoor spaces where you can comfortably spend your time at. Offering a more suburban and family-oriented lifestyle, your kids will love regular visits to one of the many parks in the area, where you can enjoy soccer fields, jogging trails and other outdoor activities. Events such as live concerts are also often held in some of the Brooklyn parks – which you can’t really find anywhere else in the city.

A lot of things to do

When it comes to the attractions in Brooklyn, you could pick a different one every single day and stay entertained for at least a year. Some of the most popular attractions in Brooklyn include the second largest museum in NYC – the Brooklyn Museum, New York Aquarium, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Prospect Park, Prospect Park Zoo and more.

Great local beer

If you are looking for some amazing beer or spirits, Brooklyn makes its own. Some of the most famous drinks are brewed right here! With a wide array of options to choose from, your weekends will never get dull with the famous drinks Brooklyn will offer you.

Sense of community

Most residents of Brooklyn get along with their neighbors really well, as they host a lot of neighborhood barbeques, events and festivals – something you won’t really find in other parts of New York City. This can provide you with a much homier vibe than anywhere else, and you won’t even be feeling like you’re in such a bustling city like New York.

Everything you could possibly need is here

Instead of having to go to Manhattan for everything you need – you can actually have it all in front of your backyard. Brooklyn offers abundant amenities, dining and entertainment options, nightlife, and even job opportunities – which means that you won’t really need to leave the area so much.  Having everything at the tip of your fingers is a benefit not many parts of NYC other than Brooklyn boast.

Extremely pet friendly

The entire city of New York is quite pet friendly, but Brooklyn is the perfect place to settle down if you own a dog or cat – or any other pet. With abundant living spaces to choose from that allow pets, to parks and amenities that are also pet-friendly, you will have no trouble when taking your four-legged friends with you everywhere you go.

The views

Living in Brooklyn, you will have the perfect view of the Manhattan Skyline – which really can’t be beat. The local residents of Brooklyn know how lucky they are to be experiencing the quaint suburban lifestyle with the greatness of the City of New York right at the tip of their fingers.

Brooklyn is exciting

Living in Brooklyn truly is exciting, as it offers so many opportunities and is so diverse that you won’t ever experience boredom while living here. With so many amenities geared towards all age groups, families and singles, you won’t experience the shortage of anything when choosing to move here. Brooklyn truly is one of a kind.


With a vibrant culture that is definitely prominent when living in Brooklyn, you will easily see for yourself that Brooklyn has some of the most diverse populations that are rapidly growing – and the culture is completely authentic. If you want to live somewhere where you can experience the best of almost every world – Brooklyn is definitely the place for you.

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