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How to pack your belongings efficiently

How to pack your belongings efficiently

Instead of packing without a plan and frantically tackling the process – sit down and breathe. Making the process of packing organized on your behalf can actually make the entire process much easier for you and have you completed in much less time as well. There are so many ways you can make packing much less intimidating for yourself – which is why we have constructed the perfect list. Let’s pack efficiently! 

Least used items should go first

Packing your most used items first and risking that you will need them before your move is not the way to go when packing your valuables before your move. Instead, choose to pack the items you don’t use first – and progress by importance from there. You don’t want to pack the items you use the most before the last week before your move.

Haven’t used that item (or seen it) in a year? Donate or sell it. 

You don’t need it if you haven’t even thought of it. Donate as many items as you can, or sell some of your unwanted items to gather some money to fund your move. Everything that can’t be donated or sold – throw it away. Moving means that you are starting fresh – and getting rid of your unwanted items has never been more fitting than now.

Alternatives for boxes

Instead of spending a fortune on boxes that can be quite pricy at times – choose items around your home that can be just as useful. Laundry baskets, suitcases, plastic containers and similar items are great alternatives for boxes that are free and also items that you will be moving – which means that you will even be saving time during the process.

Alternatives for padding supplies

Padding supplies can be just as costly as boxes if not more. Instead of spending a lot of money on padding supplies that you most likely won’t be needing after this experience, pick up some items you already have around your home – just like with the box alternatives! Newspaper, clothing, pillowcases and similar items can be used as padding between your fragile items to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Liquor store boxes for packing up your kitchen 

Visiting your local liquor store for some free boxes can be an amazing way to pack up your kitchen, as these boxes are separated in a perfect way that enables you to efficiently pack your glass’ and favorite liquors – and keep them safe during the process. Visiting local businesses for packing supplies can always be a good way to save some money and score amazing deals on pricey supplies.

Use the right box sizes

Instead of packing your heaviest items into big boxes, choose smaller boxes for your heavy items, medium boxes for lighter items and large boxes for toys, linens, pillows etc. Placing your heaviest items into large boxes can only make the entire process of loading your truck much harder, and your boxes risk falling apart during the process. Moving heavy but small boxes can be a much easier task. 

Give yourself a lot of time to pack

You will most likely save a lot of energy and motivation when packing for an hour or two a day, instead of packing for twenty hours – a week before your move. You will handle the entire process in a much better manner and you might even complete it sooner, but one thing is for sure – it will be much less stressful. 

Use post-its to label your boxes

Using post-its to label your boxes by room or category can be an easy way to complete this process in a manner that is both efficient and effective. Labeling your boxes in detail can also save you a lot of time once you settle into your new home and start unpacking. The more detailed you are before your move – the easier it will be once it is completed.

Pack your kitchen in phases

Your kitchen undoubtedly has the most items – but starting in the kitchen first is not the most efficient way to pack as you need your kitchen items every day. Pack some of your kitchenware that you rarely use, and return to your kitchen every once in a while, to pack up a few more things. You should have your entire kitchen packed up at least 2 days before your move. 

Color code the doors in your new home

Speed up your move and color code the doors in your new home – according to the colors on your boxes. If you are moving with movers, they will know exactly where to place your boxes, and even if you’re moving with family and friends – this can ease the entire process and have it completed much quicker.

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