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Top family activities in Brooklyn

Top family activities in Brooklyn

New York City is often considered America’s greatest city and for good reasons. Even though a lot of people think it is overrated and tend to say that New Yorkers are rude and full of themselves just because they live in the city, it is still one of the most popular cities in the world and the one where local movers have the most work since people are constantly moving in and around the city area. While some of these opinions may be true to an extent, the reality is that it is pretty hard to argue that New York City is probably, in fact, the best city in the country, and the data from our local movers tells us about how much people actually desire for living in New York.

Although this will always be a matter of opinion, it is almost a fact that once you visit, it becomes evident that you really are in a special place. The city is impressive in every way you would like a city to be.

Suspension Brooklyn Bridge across Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. New York, USA.

Most tourists that fall in love with New York City are actually falling in love with Manhattan though. And that is a shame because New York actually has five boroughs, four of them which might get overlooked because Manhattan is the most extravagant and flashy of them. Of all the boroughs though, Manhattan included, Brooklyn might be the most special. Our local movers who know all the secrets and facts of New York City say that Brooklyn is often seen as Manhattan’s younger, less accomplished sibling by the outside world, the truth is that those who actually live in Brooklyn feel they are most definitely in the best borough by far. And they have plenty of reasons to believe that. Brooklyn is an incredible place to not only visit but to live.

In recent years Brooklyn definitely attracted a whole bunch of people because it offers a wide range of activities for everyone, but more than others, for families with kids. Brooklyn gives people a chance to enjoy more spacious, beautiful homes while at the same time not paying the fortune to get it. As local movers, we have been witnessing the trend of Brooklyn becoming a paradise for all the families and oasis for kids of all ages who are wandering around always finding new places to visit and new ways to have fun.

Everyone who has ever been to Brooklyn knows there is something special about it. From the bridge to everything underneath, it is a great place to spend time with family. According to our local movers, when moving people from their tiny apartments in Manhattan to beautiful big condos in Brooklyn, they are overwhelmed with joy and it rarely happens that anyone feels disappointed or regretful about their move. As local movers, we know how significant it is for our clients to have a pretty and big home, but even more importantly, to have many places to explore and enjoy with their families. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Brooklyn with kids. 

Take a spin on Jane’s Carousel

Visiting the vintage Jane’s Carousel in DUMBO at Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of the most iconic things to do in Brooklyn with kids. Our local movers always recommend this when families ask about what the first thing they can do when they move in is. First created in 1922, this amazing carousel was painstakingly restored over years and installed in a newly built pavilion in 2011. The kids of all ages were fascinated by the intricacy of these carousel animals, and the way they are lighted and displayed. Families can put a little historic magic in their visit by sitting atop one of the 48 handcrafted horses. The carousel is in an enclosed pavilion so you can ride it even if it’s cold or rainy outside, which is why it is the number one family activity that we would like to share with you today.

Luna Park, Coney Island

Amusement park historians know about the original Luna Park, which was part of Coney Island before stuttering due to fire in 1944. Now, one of the most fun things to do in Brooklyn is to go to the new Luna Park, Coney Island and children always ask our local movers with excitement about this fun place. Opened in 2010, this is one of the best spots in Brooklyn for family fun. Luna Park, Coney Island does a fantastic job of paying homage to the former park while also being its own thing. Amusement park visitors of all backgrounds and ride preferences can have fun here and all our local movers enjoy going there with their families too.

New York, NY, U.S.A. - Wonder Wheel: Luna Park in Coney Island

Whether you love roller coasters or milder experiences like go-karting, you’ll be in good hands at Luna Park. Whether you come to Brooklyn, New York for a weekend visit or you are hiring local movers and moving with your family here, you definitely need to consider coming to Luna Park, Coney Island.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

flowers brooklyn botanical garden

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful places in Brooklyn. If you ask our local movers, they will probably tell you that this is one of their favorite places. The gorgeous grounds house a collection of gardens, each breathtaking in its own right. The Rose Garden is beautiful in warmer months when the large variety of roses are in full bloom; the Pond Garden is unique and spectacular in winter when the ponds have frozen; the Bonsai Garden is simply a must, as is the Japanese Garden. Not to be missed if you visit in spring is the lively Japanese Cherry Blossom festival where magical Japanese shows and exhibits take place over a two-day weekend while wafts of the gorgeous scent of cherry blossoms invade the air.

Both older kids and younger kids will appreciate the exhilarating festival where family activities like traditional Japanese tea ceremonies for families, Japanese martial arts shows, traditional Japanese dances, Japanese manga cartooning, Japanese traditional games like Go, and a plethora of other cultural activities make the day special.

Brooklyn Bridge

This is definitely the most “touristy” thing to do in the borough, but it’s also a site-seeing experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list as our local movers say. The Brooklyn Bridge is more than a bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. It is also a shining example of engineering ingenuity and architectural beauty. With its neo-Gothic architectural style, this bridge looks as beautiful now as it did upon its completion, more than a century ago. One of the top activities is walking the full length of the bridge, which is about 1.1 miles for pedestrians.

To make it faster and perhaps more satisfying, you can take a bike. The Brooklyn Bridge isn’t one of those tourist attractions that is talked about so much that it’s bound to be a disappointment. For one of the most fun moments of your time in New York, you need to come to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Prospect Park and Prospect Park Zoo

Paon - Brooklyn Zoo - NYC - USA

Our local movers have one more place that offers a wide range of family activities to share with you. Prospect Park covers more than 500 acres of nature right in the middle of the concrete jungle. Created in the same vein as Manhattan’s famed Central Park, Prospect Park is the backyard for many Brooklyn families. Join Brooklynites by bringing a picnic and letting the kids run, jump and play. Families can explore the nature preserve, go fishing or even join a communal lawn game. Look for free outdoor movies, splash pads, and festivals in summer, plus come back in winter for ice skating. Kids will be amazed at how many different species of animals they will see at the delightful Prospect Park Zoo.

There are nearly 400 animals from over 1,500 species housed here. Unlike bigger zoos, kids can get up close and personal (but not too close) to some wild and unusual animals because they are housed in environments mirroring their natural habitats. This is one of the favorite family activities of our local movers.


The Puppetworks foundation in the family-oriented Brooklyn community of Park Slope is one of only two places in New York City where kids can enjoy a genuine marionette puppet show (the other place is the Swedish Marionette Theater in Central Park). Listen to our local movers and visit this place with your family. The theater brings fairy tale classics to life with artistic puppets and the age-old art of marionette puppetry. Each show begins with a good introduction to puppetry and ends with a chance for the tiny audience members to interact with both the puppeteers and the puppets. Shows are short and perfect for younger kids who may be unable to sit through a full-blown theater production.

Best food in New York City

This is definitely one of the best things to enjoy with your family and our local movers are more than excited to share some of their favorite places with you. When you’ve had enough with the spinning and the viewing and the bike riding, it is time to get something delicious to eat. Walk under the Brooklyn Bridge and visit Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, which some NYC-natives swear is the best pizza in town. You can’t get slices here, but you can get pies with divinely crispy, smoky crusts, fired up in their very own coal-brick-oven. When you have eaten the pizza and it comes to dessert, trust our local movers, they are experts. Visit The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, located in a sweet, little ol’ fireboat house on the Fulton Ferry Pier.

The ice cream is made right there on the premises, with all-natural ingredients. Go ahead. Get two scoops. Be crazy. Our local movers always do! After all, you’ve just trekked all over Brooklyn with kids. That deserves a treat, right? While you are there, you might as well want to walk off that ice cream. If it’s the weekend, you can walk over to Brooklyn Flea, a super fab weekend flea market that offers hundreds of vendors selling antiques, jewelry, and watches, artisan crafts, vintage clothing—you name it, they got it. If all that browsing and shopping makes you peckish all over again, then sample some of the yummy—and very fresh—food available at the Flea, too. In warm weather, the Flea takes place outdoors along the waterfront in Williamsburg.

In the wintertime, you will find the Flea in the former Williamsburg Savings Bank, a gorgeous landmark building with the original bank vault still located on the lower level downstairs. Spumoni Gardens is the place for pizza and all the Italian comfort food you could dream of. What is spumoni, you ask? It’s a traditional Italian multi-colored gelato made with candied fruits and nuts inside. Yes, fruit. So it’s healthy. Elk Cafe has a sweet play area for the kids while you caffeinate and enjoy some fresh chef-inspired food. Two Boots Pizza has two locations in Brooklyn and is growing across the country. But this colorful pizzeria keeps it real with fresh interesting menu offerings. Kids can even get in on the action rolling their own ball of dough while they wait. Now that’s kid-friendly.

Even though that there has been a significant influx of people trying to move to Brooklyn in recent years as it has started to surpass the other boroughs in popularity and is now considered the “cool” one, with its vibrant mix of music festivals, big art, and foodie scene, and a nightlife that offers the trendiest bars, it is still the best place to move in if you are planning or having a family. According to our local movers, 80% of people who move into Brooklyn are families with kids, which is why Brooklyn is getting more fun and interesting activities and places to visit. We hope that you liked our list of top family activities in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Moving Company is the crew of the best local movers among New York movers and we are always there to help you move in the smoothest and fastest way possible. If you are planning a local move to Brooklyn, our local movers are there to help you out. Give us a call and let’s start your Brooklyn adventure together! 

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